Rockmelt – Review

RockMelt is the newest browser in town; a browser which integrates the world of social networking in a fun, unique and attractive way. RockMelt is built on Chromium, the same underlying foundation on which Google’s ultra-fast Chrome is built on. And sensibly so, RockMelt is comparably fast.


The browser is attractive in a unique way.

When you first fire up RockMelt, you will be asked to login to Facebook ( obviously, there’s an option to remember your credentials ). After logging in, you’ll be taken to a landing page, in which are 4 shortcuts to: share websites and links; search via Google;  chat with your Facebook friends ( left ); and read updates and feeds from Twitter and other sites ( right ). You can import bookmarks from Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer; and strangely so, Mozilla Firefox isn’t included, which is instead replaced by Google Toolbar.

On the left, the icons of your online Facebook friends are displayed, with the option to switch to Favourite friend ( you can favourite friends by clicking their icon, and then the star button ). When you click on a friend’s icon, a mini chat window opens right inside the browser, from where you can make Wall Posts, and view that persons’s recent activity. Conveniently ( or inconveniently, if you like ) the chat windows show up as separate windows on the Windows taskbar. While chatting, clicking a small arrow facing downwards gives you the option to even insert the link of the webpage you are currently browsing; a nice addition, indeed.


Each Facebook Chat opens as a new window, which is convenient indeed.

On the right hand side of the browser window, clicking a small Facebook icon lets you view, like and comment on Facebook Status Updates; and similarly, clicking on the Twitter icon allows you to view, share, Reply and Retweet Twitter updates. You can even view feeds from other websites.

The first-time render speeds of webpages are good, almost on par with that Google’s Chrome. And the most basic features like the “Most Visited” and “View History” are, without a doubt, included. Even the “Incognito” feature as seen on Google Chrome, is present.

Currently, the browser is undergoing a closed trial period, but you might get an invite if you request for one at the RockMelt site. Overall, RockMelt is a very stable browser. We just maybe witnessing the birth of a new browser soon to steal some market share away from the other biggies such as Chrome and Firefox.


New Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam Flame-Thrower Trailer

A new trailer showcasing the flame-thrower weapon in DICE’s upcoming Vietnam expansion pack for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is up. Here, have a look:


The Vietnam expansion pack will cost you $14.99 if you are a Ps3 owner, or 1200 Microsoft Points if you’re a Xbox 360 owner. And in other news, the latest Battlefield game is going to be a free shooter, and is aptly named – Battlefield Play4Free.

Gran Turismo 5 Not Yet Released, Yet Gran Turismo 6 Is In The Works

Just earlier I stated that Gran Turismo 5 has gone gold, and yet Kazunori Yamauchi – creator of the all-time hit Gran Turismo series – said “yeah” when asked if Gran Turismo 6 is already under development.

The Real Driving Simulator - Gran Turismo 5


“It’s not something that we can talk that lightly on, it took 2,000 days to get all the ideas that went into GT5. It’s just too early to be talking about GT6,” said Yamauchi.

Latest Battlefield Game Is Free

Over at Battlefield Heroes‘ official website, a new trailer for Battlefield Play4Free, a free FPS which will be in HD, brought to you by the developers of another free-for-all-shooter – Battlefield Heroes. As to whether the game will be for PC, or PS3, or Xbox 360, or all three, yet remains to be seen. Here, I’ve embedded the trailer:

Unannounced Battlefield Game To Be Announced This Friday

Benjamin Cousins who runs Easy, the EA unit behind the free- online shooter Battlefield: Heroes just laid out hints on his Twitter profile of a new game in the Battlefield series, which is probably going to be announced this Friday. Yeah, this Friday – the 5th of November, 2010.


Hints of an unnannounced Battlefield game going public on Friday.




After Battlefield: Bad Company 2, another installment in the Battlefield (/Bad Company) franchise hasn’t been announced, although as I posted earlier, DICE has posted about Battlefield 3. You can read that piece of news here. I think it’s fair to agree that it’s a little too early for the next installment in the Bad Company series (particularly) to be announced…

If you have even the slightest hints as to what the game might be, let me know in the comments.

Gran Turismo 5 Has Gone Gold; Disc Manufacturing Has Begun

Kazunori Yamauchi just saved Polyphony Digital’s upcoming AAA game – Gran Turismo 5 – from becoming the next Duke Nukem… by confirming that the process of disc stamping has begun. Here’s a funny GIF to celebrate the landmark in gaming history:


*thud* *thud* *thud*



The PlayStation 3 Needs A Makeover. Now | Individual Opinion

We all know what great a system the PlayStation 3 is. And yet, nothing is perfect is it? Its the same with the PS3… there are those tiny but significant features which Sony has missed out on, which it should – at least after listening to games rant about it time and again – implement. Here I will try to outline the little additions which are, in my opinion: really important, significant and yet easily ignored:

Automatic Syncing of Trophies

Let’s face it: this is one of those most-asked features which gamers want badly. What’s the use of associating your Facebook profile with your PSN ID to show-off your hard-earned Trophies if they need to be manually synced? Not very useful, right? Exactly.


Manually sync Trophies? Seriously..?



Background download of games and patches

This one just makes sense. It’d would be really nice to have games being download in the background while playing in Singleplayer mode or any other mode which doesn’t use bandwidth. Although the same doesn’t apply for patches (the game would need to be restarted in order to install the patch), it make perfect sense for downloading games/demos.

Saving wireless network profiles

This isn’t a hugely-affecting feature, but it would be a nice addition – to save profiles of wireless networks you connect to.

In-game music

Yes, we all know that Microsoft has patented the concept of playing your choice of music while playing a game. Still, a few games for the PS3 support in-game music don’t they? (case in point: LittleBigPlanet, even if its only in the Pod) This means that its possible, only that its up to the developers to implement. Well then why can’t Sony make it compulsory to have the ability to play music in-game, as compulsory it is for a game to have Trophy support?

Skype support

Wouldn’t it be great to have Skype support for the PS3? The existing Chat Room feature could be completely over-hauled and Skype could be integrated with it! Word is that Sony is already looking into doing this…

XMB redesign

This goes without saying: the current state of the XMB interface is abysmal. Sure its clean, non-clunky and simple to use, but at the same time it lacks all the bells and whistles of its competitor. The solution would be to make the current one more fancier and smoother when accessed in-game. There are a ton of posts over at the PlayStation Forums where enthusiastic users suggest how the XMB should ideally look like; and believe me, some of them look fantastic! I especially liked this one. Another great redesign is if Sony could seamlessly integrate PlayStation Home into the background!

A new browser from the ground-up

Google Chrome. Its the fastest, sleekest browser out there, made by Google. The PS3’s current Internet browser is anything but fun to use. Seeking Google’s help and support to develop a browser based on Chrome for the PS3 would be the best move on Sony’s part.

Custom Avatars

It would be real nice to have a picture of you as your Avatar, wouldn’t it? I realize many would prefer to have a wonky helmet or Kratos as their Avatar, but just having the option to do this would be good.


See that helmet I was talking about?



Full Facebook + Twitter support

Social gaming is the latest and hottest trend! And Sony should cleverly cash in on that! Criterion’s upcoming Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit seems to have got the social-gaming trick right with Autolog – the game’s own feature where it instantly notifies your friends if you’ve beaten their track record and such. Sony could follow up with a similar model which publishes your highscore, Trophies and such immediately.