Ok, iPad went up for per order 2 days back. The $499 question is whether it is actually worth buying an iPad…

I mentioned in all my previous posts, iPad is not really worth buying. I’d still say that…

Apple has a very very bad record with First Generation products, be it iMac, iPhone, Mac Mini et al. It is only with the second and third generations, that they become
any better as a device. The first gen iPhone, back in 2007 lacked a decent camera, 3G, GPS, some things phones made by Samsung and LG were already coming with. Then they released 3G, which fixed 2 of the 3 above mentioned issues.

The iPad is no different. It runs the iPhone OS, does not do Multi-tasking as apple claims as “It drains out your battery life” and does not have a front facing camera.
Perhaps one of the consequences of running the iPhone OS, is probably that you can install *only* Apple approved applications, which is what China does, approve a webpage before viewing.

Microsoft’s UMPCs such as the Samsung Q1UP-V does Multi-Tasking, but probably the only faulting is that it runs XP and does not have a capacitive screen. Or else it is a rather decent tablet.

iPad is even more poorly speced than the OQO machines. They are small and damn powerful. They can even do Hackint0sh! iPad is still stuck with 64GB, 1GHz and a rather useless iPhone OS.

A tablet is supposed to allow people to install Applications at will, probably this did not appear in SJ’s memo. When will I ever get to see Chrome running on the iPad, or when will I see someone run Linux on the iPad!? Distant dreams!?

Maybe, the iPad is just what it is meant to be: Between a laptop and a phone:
No Multitasking
No Phone functionality
No application install at will.

I’d say, Wait for the second generation of the iPad to come out, for it will be more better than the one in offer.