In today’s world, directly interacting with devices, with no intermediate controllers is what’s interesting users around the world; for one simple reason: ease of use, and interactivity. The guys at Nintendo are clever and realized this early… as early as 2006. When the Wii was a runaway success… it got all the Big Daddies interested in the market: the market of motion-based-gaming.Microsoft announced that it’s working on Project Natal. Sony: a wand like device, which no one knew what it was called until very recently. What’s all this for? All this is an attempt to dethrone Nintendo who’s currently reigning in the gaming market. Project Natal and Move are serious contender to Nintendo’s Wii, which is still selling like hot cakes!

Here’s how Sony’s Move look like:

Sony's Move

Sony's Move

Wondering why it looks like an aerodynamic stick with an ugly bulb at the top? Beats me! Apparently, according to Sony devs, it helps in “low-light environs”.

Now, have a look at Microsoft’s Project Natal:

Microsoft's Project Natal

Microsoft's Project Natal

Hey, what the heck! No controllers?

Yes, that’s what Microsoft’s working on! A totally controller-free gaming technology. Now comes the argument: Natal or Move? The ‘Natal vs Move’ argument already has the Internet going gaga, but here, I will try to list – impartially, not being a Sony fanboy – how they stack up against each other.

Microsoft Natal

Project Natal is a revolutionary gaming technology, which aims at giving the user a totally controller-free experience. The peripheral includes a camera, which is basically consists of an array of sensors, which can track a user’s movements under ambient lighting conditions. The winning feature is that it can differentiate between human bodies, which translates to a better ‘family gaming’ experience.

Microsoft has also another trick up it’s sleeve. Imagine just standing in front of the camera; it recognizes you by your face and logs into your Xbox Live account. How would that be? That’s what Microsoft’s working on… and kudos to the devs for such a brilliant idea!

Sony Move

When Nintendo’s Wii started selling like hot-cakes since it was released… it got Microsoft and Sony interested in the ‘motion-based-gaming’ market. In retaliation, Sony started working on its own motion-based-gaming technology. Initially, Sony fanboys played a guessing game – akin to the game which Harry Potter fans play wherein they guess Joanne’s next book’s title – and came up with many funny names: Arc, Gem, Wand.

Sony just called ‘Move’. Lame, I think. ‘Natal’ sounds so much more ‘royal’ and appealing than ‘Move’. All in all, Move is – a wand, with an extra addition : a huge color-changing bulb at the top. Like I mentioned before (according to Sony devs) it’s to help in low light environs. Not only that, but, in order to use it, you also need a camera which tracks the wand (obvious). Sony claims that it’s precise – and they say it’s what sets the Move apart from the competition.

What I think

I’m not impressed with Sony’s Move, not one bit. All gamers agree with me (or is it vice-versa?). Check out Mashable’s poll (don’t forget to vote yourself) if you want proof.

There is also another thing to consider. The general trend is that the games which initially release will suck big time… you’ll have to wait for a few years if you want quality games. Yet, if you’re bent on buying either of these two, I’d say go for Project Natal, because on paper, it pwns Sony’s Move.