The Windows Phone 7 series ushers in a era where WebOS, Android,iPhone OS, S60, BlackBerry OS all dominate the smartphone market. Well, Microsoft has been in the business too, it had releases like WinMo 6.0 and 6.5 which have caused nothing less than torture for the Microsoft brigade. Microsoft has been under constant attack by all of the above smart phone operating systems.In MWC this year, Microsoft decided to take a big risk by releasing Windows Phone 7 Series. WP7S(in short) is currently still under development and looks to move out of the shambles of Windows Mobile. Windows phone 7 series comes with a Zune HD-esque interface(Since Zune HD has been such a big sellout).

Maybe the reason for why Windows Mobile needs to improve is given on the right. It had a market share of nearly 20%, now, it is down to roughly 15%. The only reason why Microsoft’s Windows Mobile has not been really popular and has had people move out, is probably because of it’s hard to use UI(Spare HD2), sluggish and outdated hardware and more over the resistive screens used(Spare HD2 in all cases here 🙂 ).

A few problems that WP7S faces is: “Welcome to Apple Land!”, they have now removed copy paste. It lacks multi tasking, same thing Apple lacks(Copy paste has been countered!). No Multi-tasking = No deal. Bye bye Microsoft!