Panasonic has always been very good with it’s cameras and video recording cameras. ZS3 is a compact shooter with 12x Zoom. It is mainly intended towards beginners in photography(Such as me, and not Sravan =P). Is ZS3 really worth it? Read on…

The Design:

The camera in itself is very simple and is awesome. It is one of those cameras which is thick(presumably due to the big lens’ zoom capability)… The hard ware and software are both simple and rather easy to use. Within 1/2 hours into the ZS3, you’d be taking shots that are beautiful.

The camera may seem plasticky, but in hand, it is sturdy(I mean it, “BEAST!”). The chrome on top is also well done. I liked the finish a lot!

The Photography:

The Photography on the camera… No comments, downright awesome in daylight, opposite in the night. The flash is *too* at times… What you see is usually, not what you get back. The photo dims out… Must be a bug with the software with the software I suppose, but never the less, here are a few photos I took with the camera:

The Usability:

The camera, is really usable… The D-Pad up front is really wonderful.  Press the button on top, you get exposure. Button below gives you the Macro Mode option. Left — a timer and the right giving you options for flash. The 3″ display, is nothing short of stunning in bright day light, is not even close to being visible.

The Verdict:

Well, buy the camera if you are a new comer into the world of photography… It does HD Video, 12x Zoom. Not every product on Earth is perfect… Nor is the ZS3, 1  Bug fix relating to the lighting, and you have me hooked on to it.