Update: The “Download Your Information” feature has been activated for me. I checked with a few others and found out that it was activated only for me. Has it been activated for you too? Let me know what you think of the feature in the comments below.


At Palo Alto, California, social-networking giant Facebook held a special event and invited dozens of press. Here are the few changes/additions that Facebook announced during the event:

Download Your Information

With the launch of this feature, you will be able to download all data associated with your profile. This does not delete the data from the servers, but only makes a copy of it for you. You will be able to download:

  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Notes
  • Events
  • Wall Posts
  • Profile Info
  • Messages

Once the feature is available, to download your information you’ll have to go to: Account Settings > Download Your Information. Once you hit the button, Facebook will tell you that it will take a while to gather all data and then it’ll send you an email telling you that your data is ready to be downloaded. Here’s a YouTube video about the new feature:


Facebook has completely revamped the Groups feature, making it more accessible and more user-friendly. As of now, Groups were a way for people with common interests to get-together. With the new Groups, you can share info with only the members of the group. For example, say you want to put up a Status saying: “Had a nice jog today!”. Now you don’t want your boss or your grandma or your farthest relatives to see this status, but only your family members and some others. Earlier, to do this you had to include/exclude the  people whom you wanted to see/not-see your Status. Alternatively, you could make Lists of friends and that would make it easier while including/excluding friends whom you want to or do not want to see your Status. But as Mark Zuckerberg himself noted, only 5% or less users actually use Lists.

This is where Groups come into play. The feature allows you to share info with only a specific set of people. Facebook has even added Group Chat, which is a welcome addition.

Group Chat

Groups can also have icons; and another new feature added to Groups is “Doc”. With Doc, you can add a document which only the group members will be able to view and edit. There will even be Apps which can be used within a Group.

Social Captcha

Firstly, you need to know what Captcha is. Captcha is the method of identifying if you’re computer or human. An image with text only is shown and you’re asked to identify the word. You pass the Captcha test only if you successfully identify the word(s). Facebook will be implementing Social Captcha, to identify users logging in from different locations. Social Captcha will ask you to answer questions about your friends and family, to prove that you’re you, and not some one else or for that matter, a computer.


Unifying Application Settings and Privacy Settings, Facebook has launched Dashboard. It will give you complete control over the Apps you use and your Privacy Settings. It will even give you a detailed log of the API calls that the Apps are making.

This sudden barrage of features is a result of Facebook’s Lockdown. A period of 60 days where all employees are made to slog day-in and day-out. And yet, Mark Zuckerberg said the interface redesign is still coming. Go figure.

[Source: TechCrunch]