To start off, Firefox is one of the most loved browsers of all internet users. Its fast, reliable, many ways to customize the look and experience, add-ons, etc. About a month ago I downloaded the Firefox 4 Beta and have loved it. When I first started it I couldn’t find any bugs or errors, except it shows two error messages on startup but they don’t affect anything. I love the new style it has, it especially looks really nice when window takes up your whole screen. I love the new layout, and for the most part, its pretty stable. So far I have had only few problems:

  1. Windows Live Hotmail crashed, but only for a few hours – It wasn’t too big of a deal, but that is something we should expect from a beta in progress. Plus it only took a few hours for me be able to login to my mail account again.
  2. Enter key does not work when typing in URL address bar – When you type a URL in the address bar, and press enter, it doesn’t work, which is a little/big bug. Its not that big of a deal, but I rather not want to go back to my mouse, which is kind of lazy, hehe.
  3. YouTube player gets disfigured a lot – This is the only thing that has annoyed me for the most part, the YouTube player will go from a box to a disfigured shape and pieces will be missing…

Besides these few things, I’ve been pretty impressed with the beta and can’t wait for the final release.

You can download the Firefox 4 beta here.