Now a days, Facebook seems to be taking the issue of their user’s privacy seriously (a little too late?). They’ve released (or will be releasing soon) two new brilliant features which reduce the chances of your account getting hacked.


First, it’s the new “one-time passwords” feature. Just text “otp” to 32665 and you’ll immediately receive a password via text which will expire in 20 minutes. This is especially useful for people who are wary of logging into their accounts from public places such as an Internet cafe, or from any wi-fi lounge. Facebook also stated (read their blog post here) that this feature is being rolled out “gradually” and will soon be available to everyone.


The second feature that Facebook is rolling out is the ability to remotely log out of your account. Now, Google has had this feature for a long time, but its nice to see that Facebook is catching up with all of this. In case you’ve been accessing your Facebook account from a public place and you forget to sign-out, you can log into your account from else-where and, from under the Account Settings, remotely sign-out from all logged-in devices. This, coming from Facebook, is, sheer brilliance.


Facebook also posted that they will regularly prompt users to update their security information so that in the (not-so) unlikely event of a hack, they can immediately verify the user and restore their account. [You don’t necessarily have to wait for Facebook to prompt you! You can go to this page to update your security information manually.]