I was just reading an article at JustPushStart which mentioned about EA’s latest shooter – Medal Of Honor – requiring a mandatory hard drive install for consoles. The article put it across as a big issue. I say, big deal!

When all PC gamers are perfectly okay with having to wait more than a few minutes to play their games while the whole game installs onto their hard drive, why make it a big issue if a console version copies a few files onto your hard drive in order to increase game performance? Utterly ridiculous. The issue of hard drive install even stole the spotlight from a brilliant game such as Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots. Although the issue of hard drive installs was much more complicated with MGS4: GP (the game required a HDD install after every chapter), it surely shouldn’t affect the reputation of a good game such as Medal Of Honor.

I wouldn’t be surprised even if the game lost a few points on the review scale just because it required a mandatory hard drive install. Now a days, to most (reviewers), a good games is synonymous with eye-candy graphics, DLC, fast load times and other things… Whatever happened to “patience is a virtue”?